So Much Snow!!

Good Evening!
No card today I'm afraid, just in too much of a lazy mood! lol
However I thought you might want to see some more photos as we had yet more snow last night!
I honestly don't think I've seen it like this before lol
I dragged my dog for a walk in it earlier and as you may see from the pictures, she wasn't too impressed after 2 minutes! lol
Hope your all enjoying it!

A shot of our local Pond ... I think it looks rather pretty!

Millie not looking overly happy ...

Another shot of our Garden, You can see it has covered over the pond now!

Bye for Now! xxx


Little K Smith said...

Hi Natalie
These are lovely pictures. We've had abit of snow too and our cat isn't very keen on it either!

scrappyjan said...

Hello Nat.. It's is beautiful there.. I wanna come visit.. hee hee hee.........
enjoy your week sweetie..
hugs, Janiel