Good Morning!
Well I did say I would be back with what I have on my workdesk today, so here I am!

I don't do this every week as I am actually a really tidy crafter and I tidy everything away while I'm crafting, shocking huh! lol
I have done you a few closeup shots of my desk and I have also included my Stamp Cabinet as I have re-arranged it.

Here we have the actual part of my desk that I can craft on.
The pink shelf unit is only temporary, it holds my clear stamps and inkpads.
Also in the top drawer are all my copics but my Dad is building me a pen holding system for them so they won't be there for long!
The Flat Cards on the back are from my friend Domi.
On the shelf above you can see my lovely collection of Prima Flowers and also 2 tubs of Wild Orchid Crafts Roses & a packet of the Crystal Stems :)

Here is my drawer system and you can see what is inside via the labels.
Above that is my Magnolia Collection seperated into Single Stamps, Christmas & the Stamp Kits.

Finally here is my Stamp Unit.
You can see my Penny Blacks, Sugar Nellie's & WOJ'S.
The tubs on the bottom are the Stamped Images I use the most, I have a lot more beneath the unit. There are also a lot more stamps hidden away that you can't see lol
On top are just SOME of the Craft Magazines I have lol

Hope you enjoyed having a look!
If you fancy joining in yourself click HERE.
Happy Crafting! xxx


Sarah said...

fabulous work space! Can I ask where you got your little pink and black drawers?
Sarah xx :0)

Aunty Sue said...

oh Nat thanks for the tour looks all very professional not like mine. Oh where has my desk gone under my papers and bits. lol. Oh well hope for me yet. Loving your stamp unit.

Sue a/k/a MOUSEMOM40 said...

What a wonderful crafting area! It's MUCH tidier than mine is! :o) Thanks for sharing!

Helen said...

Love your shelves. Everything looks great.

angeleef said...

What an amazing craft space! I love the way you've stored all your stamped images. Looks very neat and organized.
I used to tidy everything away too, but that amazing skill dissapeares after a year of two/three crafting. Haha.

joey said...

Hiya Nat

oooh you must show your pen storage once your dad gets it done, love love your stamp shelves


Lisa said...

Hi Nat, Your crafting area is fab! So lovely and tidy. I would love to see the pen storage your dad is making.

Lisa x

Mummylade said...

wow, organizing seems to be your thing =)

kayc said...

Ooooh I just love all your stamps. Kathleen x

Lisa and Eddy said...

Awesome space...I'm pretty tidy too...but it's still fun to look at your desk! xo Lisa

scrappyjan said...

well now that was fun to see your spot!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!
big hugs, Janiel

Darcy said...

wow thats a fantastic crafting space, so much in a small area. I love the way your stamps are stored in tubs with the images on the outside.

Enfys said...

Fantastic space, I love that wall unit
En x

Spyder said...

Love your shelf space it's sooo girly! and very Tidy!! whats in your draws!

Julia Dunnit said...

Gorgeous area, love your big ol stamp shelves, yummy. And the tidiness is a good thing. Take it from one who isn't and is now too old to change!

LadyBug said...

I also clear up as I craft. I can't create in a mess :) I love your desk, it's a shame i'm not able to open the photos up bigger for a closer look as I'd love to have a nose about those shelfs :)

Kate said...

Fabby stamp storage, love the little coloured images on the outside of the boxes.

** Kate **

mckinkle said...

Wow what a lovely tidy crafter you are!!

Keryn :0

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Nice and tidy, love the storage
Anne x