The GREAT British Weather?!

Good Morning!
No card from me today, I thought I'd share some photo's of my Garden seeing it has been a while since I last did so. However it hasn't exactly gone to plan. The firs four photo's are what I did on Tuesday as the weather was nice and sunny and things seemed to be brightening up a bit ...

'Refreshed' Hanging Baskets with some bright & cheerful Primroses.

I planted up some containers outside with some Hyacinths and Iris's that had been in the Greenhouse and were starting to grow nicely.

However on Wednesday the weather took a turn for the worse and we were hit with the strong winds. I didn't actually expect them to be as bad as they were but boy was I wrong ...

4 Sheets got blown out which resulted in quite a bit of destruction and I'd just sown some seeds the day before too whilst sorting the baskets. I managed to run in and try to move them at 10pm when the winds hit and try to also save those plants I'd been over-wintering. The Greenhouse is now currently sat with a massive sheet of plastic which will hopefully keep it together until we can re-fit everything in a week or so .... which will consist of taking the WHOLE thing apart to put those 4 sheets back in. I'm certainly tempted to get a proper glass one after this!

I know this is nothing compared to how others are suffering, but when it happens to you personally no matter how small or large the damage, it still hurts. We also lost some of our roof ridge and tiles but I was more upset by this! I hope all of you have kept safe & sound!



rachel said...

hiya nat. so sorry to see your damage. its just heartbreaking what this crazy weather is doing. big hugs hun xx

Sandra H said...

Aww truly heartbreaking Hope all is not lost Natalie take care x

Wendy L said...

Oh dear Natalie, so annoying when you have done so much. But just think of the others and how lucky you are really, thats what I do. xxx