An Explanation...

Good Afternoon!
I just wanted to pop by and explain as to why I haven't been around since last wednesday!

The time just flew by during the week so I didn't get the chance to make a card for the PBSC Challenge and then on Monday I suffered from extreme heart pains with shooting pains down my left arm and I haven't felt tip top since! After mentioning this I found out that there are heart conditions on my Grandads side so it needs looking at I think. I haven't had the chance to go to the Doctors yet and NHS Direct are 'busy' atm so I don't think I'l get it sorted until tomorrow now! I also have a job interview tomorrow so the nerves for that aint helping lol

If I feel a bit better later on I shall try to get a card done for tomorrow's challenge but if not here is a piccie of some Lemon Curd & Triple Choc Muffins I made last week!

Thanks for popping by & hopefully I'l have something to share with you tomorrow :)
Happy Crafting!


Annie said...

Hope you're feeling better soon hun,and good luck for your job interview tomorrow!

Sending hugs Ann xxxx

Huny said...

Nat wish you well. But if you suffer these pains again, immediately either get yourself to an A&E unit so they can monitor you there and then or send for your doctor.
NHS direct has some good aspects, i.e. in growing toe nails, but your immediate health comes first.

Aunty Sue said...

Hi Nat hope it is nothing serious and take care oh good luck with the interview

Rebekah said...

Hi sweetie I do hope you are feeling better soon! Massive good luck with your job interview too try not to stress too much! Hugs Rebekah xx

mandy said...

Heya Nat hope everything turns out ok and good luck with the interview hopefully you will have some good news soon hugs Mandy xx p.s those bakes look gorgeous xx

rosie said...

oh Natalie. hope you get this sorted asap.
let us know how you get on but if the pains happen again phone for an ambulance!!

good luck with the interview. will keep my fingers crossed for you.

love the cakes x look delicious x

Lindyloo said...

The muffins look fabulous Natalie.
Boy you are not having much luck at the moment sweetheart are you. I truly hope things settle down and you are feeling yourself very soon.
Please don't delay in getting some advice from GP or hospital. It's better to be safe.
All the best Linda

Luckydawn said...

Hi and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog, especially when you have not been well, hope you don't get those pains again and all the best for the interview x

Annie said...

I hope you have managed to see the doctor by now, and all is well. those cakes look delicious, especially the lemon ones.
hugs, annie x

Victoria said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog :) I do hope that you are feeling a bit better now and that you have sought medical advice. Thinking of you.