Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

Good Morning!
Seeing as I seem to be getting lovely comments about my Garden I have some more photo's to share with you all today of it. However, managing to get some decent photo's was quite tricky as the sun kept getting in the way lol As you can see all the tubs are filling up nicely and even more foxgloves have popped up :)

I decided to space the pots out a bit as my doggies seem to enjoy walking straight over my borders. Hopefully this will help prevent that from happening as I've had a few squashed plants already from it! lol

I moved some of my Tomatoes outside as these four were starting to go downhill. I didn't want to ruin the chances of the others, but you never know they might even pick up now they've been moved out!

The front garden is filling up nicely too, although it is rather tricky to photograph seeing it is long thin strip across.

Over in the Greenhouse and the four remaining yellow tomatoes are at the side and the seperate bush variety is coming along nicely on my worktop! There's a few bits and pieces on the side including pots of Rocket and a try of Basil & Parsley.

My Agapanthus starting shooting the other week finally after a good couple of months. I think moving them inside the Greenhouse did the trick seeing they are originally from South America :)

Lastly I thought Id share a look at one of my Fuschia's that has flowered, Harry Gray. I'm not usually a Fuschia fan but I really like the pastel varieties. I also managed to take my first cuttings off my Sweat Pea's the other day, I just love their perfume!

Thanks for popping by, enjoy the rest of your weekend!


susiestacey said...

WOW you are filling up all the little spaces now and things are really taking shape. Enjoy your garden in the sunshine today x Susan x

Cards by Alison said...

Gorgeous garden, hope you are enjoying the sunshine. Love Alison xx

Izzwizz said...

Fabulous garden, love all your flowers. I've always wanted to grow agapanthus but don't think it would be a job here - far too wet lol! No weeds in sight, you must love your gardening :-) Maddy x

Helena (Gvendalen) said...

Gorgeous garden! hugs, Helena

Sandra H said...

Natalie your doing so well with your plants your garden is really colourful with all of your hard work keep it up x