Plants, Plants & More Plants!

Good Morning!
Well for some reason today I decided to wake up an hour earlier today than I even need to for work tomorrow! However instead of grumbling and trying to get back to sleep for an hour or so I decided to take advantage of this seeing as the sun was shining for a change and take a few snaps around the garden! 

Seeing that were now well into August some of the plants are sadly past their best but on the flip side of this there are others only just coming into their own! Instead of feeling down about the parts that are looking, shall we say tired? I decided to use it to my advantage and re-plant / pot some areas and also decide what I won't be using as much of next year. Now I will warn you now that today's post is a little picture heavy so if I was you I would get comfy with a cup of tea before reading on!

First up is the front garden. Now this area is actually doing rather well and hasn't caused me too much hassle. The only thing that did was the original hanging basket on the corner which decided to 'give up' a few weeks ago. Instead of leaving up a not so attractive basket I replaced the flowers with a fuschia that had been growing a pot and gave it a new lease of life! As you can also see the Clematis is coming on and the pots are blooming which is great for the bee's but not so great for the Postman who has to walk through them each morning! lol

Moving to the back garden the part of one of the borders with the Clary is looking full. I think it looks great with the Zinnia's and Astrantia's and I reckon I shall be using more of this particular plant next year.

The tub of Begonia's next to the back door is blooming!

 My herb pots are looking fuller. In fact I like the look of them so much I haven't even used any herbs yet!

After a rocky start the Coleus seems to have picked up and has bushed up.

Originally this border was full of Pansies and Stocks, however a couple of weeks ago they weren't looking too good so last weekend I decided to dig them all out and replace them with some Penstemons and Phygelius instead! I also re planted some of the pots as they got absolutely battered in the wind and storms a few weeks ago.

Towards the back of the garden the shed basket is looking lovely and the Scabious growing beneath it has started flowering. The flower heads look like little pin cushions and are beautifully detailed but unfortunately my camera just didn't want to photograph them properly! The recycled planters are now blooming and the back of the garden is looking healthier with the Morning Glory flowering in the early hours!

However contrary the border just mentioned the one opposite it that's full of Dahlia's and Petunia's is looking good!

Sadly however the same can not be said for my wigwam of Sweet Pea's as the bottoms are starting to turn.

Over in the Greenhouse the Can Can & Black Pansies that I am growing for Autumn / Winter Bedding are looking very healthy along with some Viola's and some smaller Pansies and Winter Kale I got from work last week. I am also growing a range of other plants from seed.

Can you spot the 2 Cyclamen plants towards the back of the photo?

My Tomatoes are also coming on very nicely and I have already sampled quite a few!

Lastly moving into the house I was given a range of Vases from my Mum yesterday as they are busy packing ready to move house. I think they look rather nice on this shelf and at Christmas time I shall be filling some of them with baubles!

Thanks for popping by, I do hope I haven't sent you all to sleep with today's long post!
Enjoy the rest of your weekends,


Alisonscraftybitzandbobs.blogspot.com said...

Nat wonderful pictures of your garden and plants so pretty. Like the vases as well they will look lovely with baubles in them. Love Alison xx

Janette said...

I am so impressed with all your gorgeous flowers Nat, what a lovely garden you've made, so pretty.x

Sharon said...

I love the photographs of your garden. I know absolutely nothing about plants and need to create a stunning garden. The task is quite daunting, so have had to enlist the advice of a landscaper... they are not cheap...lol Pretty is what I want and colourful. Your garden fits the bill perfectly. hugs Sharon

rachel said...

fabulous gsrdening Nat! My garden took a real beating in the heavy downpurs yesterday - the runner beans are falling all over the place lol!!!Still - they taste good even if they do look a mess! Hugs xx

Sandra H said...

Your doing so well Natalie it looks so colourful keep it up x