In The Great Outdoors ...

Good Morning!
I had thought that I would share some photo's of my garden with you all today as it has been a while since I have. But on reflection there isn't really that much to show of it now! lol All the flowers have gone away for another year or have been added to the compost pile but there are still a few bits and bobs that I can share!

Starting off with this lovely pile of new additions, I went to look around a Garden Centre yesterday to get a few Christmas decorations but I couldn't resist venturing outside to the shrubs to try and find a cluster of plants that will brighten up the garden at this time of year. Later today I shall be re-potting the the foliage plants and putting them near my conservatory. I also treated myself to a lovely bush rose as I was determined to get one for my garden but as of yet I am still very indecisive as to where it's final place will be! 

In the garden I have quite a few pots and baskets full of Winter bedding. Here's some photo's of the ones that have filled out a bit more than the rest so far.

Over in the bubble-wrapped Greenhouse some of the tender plants I have moved into there are still doing okay but whether this will still be the case in the depths of Winter when I do not have a heater remains to be seen! lol

This little Marigold was from one of my Tomato Plant pots and is still going strong! 

Over at the front of the house the Clematis that I planted back in Spring has decided it would like to flower, which was a lovely surprise to come home to on Thursday.

Lastly I thought I would share a photo of one of my doggies, Hollie. I managed to get this photo earlier in the week which captures her at her most flattering angle lol You wouldn't think that this angelic looking dog has chewed up carpets, leather sofas, edges of dishwashers, toilet rolls and boots along with various other things would you! lol

Enjoy the rest of your weekends!


rachel said...

hi nat. your garden still looks lovely and i wish those tender plants the best of luck x

Alisonscraftybitzandbobs.blogspot.com said...

Nat wonderful garden plants mine is also looking a bit sad love your doggie sounds like she and Toby ginger nut would make a right pair. Love Alison xx

Macpurp said...

oh my! your garden is beautiful.
love the cheeky we violas! almost as cheeky as your pup!

love teen x

Sandra H said...

oh she's just so gorgeous and yes l can see that angelic face doing those things.....lol we always forgive though!! l had a collie that did the same..lol your garden and plants Natalie look so colourful your a proper little green fingered gardener now keep it up bet it will look so colourful in the spring and summer months xx