I just thought I would let you know about an award I received from a fellow crafter last wednesday.
I met her on DOCRAFTS and she has recently started blogging.
I really should spend more time on DOCRAFTS as I haven't really been on there for a few months which I feel guilty about as there are so many nice people on there and friends that I have made. So if any of you are reading this I'm sorry for not being on often! lol
Here is what Suzanne said about me:-

"I have chosen Natalie from www.ngcards.blogspot.com because she is such a generous, helpful and talented crafter. She never moans at me for the questions i fire at her and she is always willing to share with me. So a huge thank you Natalie, i'm honoured to be able to pass this award on the you and call you a member in my circle of friends."

Thank you so much for saying this Suzanne it is really sweet of you :)


Aunty Sue said...

see there is a whol;e gang of us that appreciate you and appreciate your talent.

scrappyjan said...

OH she is so right about you sweetie!!!!!

That is you to a tee!!!

hugs and congrats, janny