Sharing Some News !!!

Good Evening!
Well I thought I would share some brilliant news with you all, I'm getting a Puppy!
Just like Millie she is a Wire-Haired Daschund.
I went to go pick her out on Friday Evening, boy it was hard they were all adorable, eventually I managed to pick one even though as soon as I set my eyes on them I'd decided! There were 3 Girls and 2 Boys.When I walked in only one pup looked up and she stole my heart straight away :)

We get to bring her home around the 16th of December ... I have decided to call her Holly seeing she will be home in time for christmas!
Here's a pic of the Pups, Holly is the one on the right of the 3 huddled together.

I am a little worried about how Millie will take to her, were going to introduce them slowly seeing she is a bit of a jealous dog but were hoping she will mother her :)

Just so she isn't left out on this post here's some pics of her being grumpy when getting a bath this afternoon!

Thanks for Popping by!


Noreen said...

Holly looks lovely - Christmas will certainly be a fun time in your house this year. I hope that Holly & Millie get on really well. xx

Liz, said...

Awwww, I want one!

Liz x

Janiel/ janny said...

aww cute and fun for you sweetie.......
hugs, Janiel

Lorraine said...

Firstly I have got to say how beautiful your Mille is she is adorable and i think she will be the perfect mum to Holly which by the way is so cute and has the perect name xx

Anonymous said...
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jenny said...

So cute!! Enjoy your new puppy Nat :)
Our puppy is 9months now but I can remember when he was that small :)

Jenny x

Mags said...

Just how cute are those tiny puppies?! I hope Millie enjoys the new arrival! Gorgeous pictures.

luv, Mags x

Chrissy said...

You are so lucky getting a new puppy, and they all look beautiful.
Even Millie..all wet a bedraggled..but she fluffed up well