Update On My Craft Room!

Good Morning!
I thought today I would show you some updated piccies of my Craft Room. Which is technically my bedroom but it's more crafty than anything! lol I have been doing some decorating this week so I thought you might like peek.

I got my Dad to make me yet more shelves to go in my room seeing my crafty stash seems to be growing and growing!
I also decided when painting them that I would paint my Stamp Unit to match the shelves as it stood out like a sore thumb with it being white and the rest of my room being Cream & Red!
I'm also in the process of making some craft orientated decorations to go on the walls but I haven't got them finished yet so you'll have to wait for them!

I have decided to store some of my cards on shelves like this instead of in a drawer for a change along with some embellishments. Top shelf for 'Everyday' and Bottom shelf for 'Christmas'.

I have added a shelf above my corner unit for my Magazines.

Oh and incase your wondering yes all the boxes on top of the Stamp unit do contain Magnolia Stamps ... there are 2 Large Boxes for 'Everyday' and 'Christmas' along with 7 Medium Boxes for the Kits! lol You can also kind of see my PB Wooden Stamps collection.

Also I decided to give my desk a little jig around.

I do have yet more stuff to sort out in here but for now I'l leave you just with this lot lol
Happy Crafting!


Lisa said...

Hi Nat, Thanks for sharing your craft room pics with us. It looks great. I love how you have displayed all your wooden stamps ~ sadly mine are all stored in boxes :-(

Lisa x

angel4031 said...

WOW Looks fab when can I pop round?? xx

jenny said...

Wow! Love your craft area Nat, very organised and great colours, the red shelves look fab!

Jenny x

sallysbitz said...

What a great craft room, you keep it sooo tidy Lol

Sarah said...

Fab room Nat, I love the shelves and would love to have some like that in my room!
Sarah xx :0)

Teresa said...

Beautifully organised and all very neat, love it Natalie, enjoy. Teresa xx

Donna Mosley said...

what a lovely craft room you have Natalie, fab colour shelves and very organised.

Donna x