Dogs & Ice!

Good Morning!
Due to us getting Hollie over the weekend I haven't had a chance to get a card ready to share with you all today. Although I hope the following pictures will make up for this!
I managed to get a quick picture of Hollie looking straight at the camera and a picture of Hollie cuddled up to Millie which I didn't really think would happen so soon! lol I think Millie is a bit confused by Hollie as she doesn't really know how to act around her, it is rather amusing though when Hollie bites Millie's tail and they end up running around the room together!

Due to this cold weather our Pond in the garden resembles more of an ice sculpture ... Take a look!

Before I go here's a sneak peek of what is coming tomorrow, I shall finally have a card for you all!

Happy Crafting & Keep Warm!

1 comment:

Mary J said...

Brilliant pond! You should put some fairy lights on it!

What a lovely puppy - we brought our 7 week old Lulu (yellow lab) home around this time last year - a wonderful xmas pressie! And of course you will have lots of little "pressies" from her, lol!!