In The Garden!

Good Morning!
It seems to be a weekly thing me sharing my garden photo's with you, I do hope your not getting too bored of it yet! lol Today I thought I'd start with a few photo's from the font of my house for a change. The border plants are starting to bush up nicely and one of the dwarf Dahlia's has flowered.

I decided to move the Clematis that I got from my Grandad out of the Greenhouse, next to the front door. I cut down some bamboo sticks that I had to form a frame which fingers crossed the Clematis will climb around!

Back to the back garden and I couldn't resist buying more (yes more!) plants to add to my collection this week lol I bought another Astrantia, this time in a light pinky green shade which I added to my side border and also an Alstroemeria which I planted up into a pot.

Speaking of Pots, the others seem to coming along nicely ...

The Sweet Pea's are also finally getting some flower buds!

The other Astrantia seems happy in it's new home and my Foxgloves are finally growing up!

Lastly here's a few random shots as always :)

Of course I couldn't resist sharing this photo with you of my Doggies that I managed to snap yesterday afternoon after photographing the garden :)

Thanks for popping by, I'l be back again tomorrow!


Lynne in NI said...

Your garden is just lovely! All we need is some decent sunshine to enjoy it properly (if your weather's anything like ours LOL!)

Aunty Sue said...

Great Pictures Garden Coming Along Nicely They Look Fab And Love Sweet Peas

Noreen said...

Looks fab, always so rewarding when everything starts to bloom. I'm hoping my sweet peas will soon start to grow some buds, it's taken them ages to grow, but they've suddenly taken off

susiestacey said...

Hello again Mrs Greenfingers, the plants are looking lovely and healthy, hope your clematis takes off ok in the pot - they do like to keep there roots cool. Hope you have sunshine today to spend time in your lovely garden x Susan x

rachel said...

your pots and baskets are really filling out now Nat - they look wonderful xx