I'm Back!

Good Morning!
Well it's certainly been a long time since I posted on here. A lot has happened in my personal life over the past year or so which has meant my card - making has taken a back foot. In fact up until last week all my craft stuff was put away into storage. However things are slowly starting to look up and last week I decided to dig all my stuff back out in the hope of finding the urge to craft again if I put everything in arms reach.

Well after spending about a day re-organising where things needed to go I finally managed to get there! When lifting everything out I enjoyed looking through my stamp and paper collection, especially coming across stamps and papers that I got when I first started card-making around 10 years ago and feeling the urge to make something with them! 

Fingers crossed this means I will be back in the world of card-making properly from now on, time allowing! I do however have a card to share with you all tomorrow which coincidentally fits in with the new challenge that will be starting over at PBSC tomorrow morning .... see you then!

Happy Crafting!