Tim Holtz Corner UPDATED + A Little Info!

Good Morning!
As you know the past few days I have been adding to my little Tim Holtz Corner with products and storage, well I decided to paint the bottom shelf from plain to red to fit with the others yesterday and also the shelf box at the top for my paints and sprays.
However I have painted my Distress Ink Pads storage in white Gesso paint as I am going to decorate it in a Tim Holtz style! However I'm not too sure of what type of design to do so if you have any suggestions of colours or stamps feel free to let me know as I would love your input!
I am currently thinking maybe some shades of brown but apart from that I'm not too sure! ...

Of course knowing me I shall probably have another reshuffle of where things are as I am rather indecisive and I do have an addiction to buying more stash lol

Before I go I wanted to let you know that I have also created an account on facebook now that is purely for my crafting! So if you are a fellow crafter and you would like to add me then feel free, just click the piccie below to go to my page...

Lastly I currently have 4 CARDS FOR SALE ON  EBAY that will be ending TOMORROW NIGHT. So if you fancy having a peek you can find them by clicking the ebay logo below...

Thanks for taking the time to pop by my blog today!

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shampylou30 said...

hi nat you have been busy love your timho;tz corner and i too am addicted to buying craft stuff sue xxx