My Craft Room!

Good Morning!
Today I thought I'd share with you a little look around my craft room as yesterday was the day that I finally got around to sorting everything out after moving into my new home 10 months ago!
I literally had about 10 large boxes of mixed craft stuff stashed behind the door comprising of old items that I haven't used for years that I'd put off sorting as I knew it would takes ages to do so. In fact it took me just over 8 hours to sort everything out yesterday! I think the main thing that pushed me to finally sort everything was that my other half managed to find a pine dresser for free last week so I had no excuses not to get on with it now haha

First up as mentioned is the dresser we got for free last week. This is now sat behind the door as you walk into the Craft Room. On top you can see a box of Tim Holtz products which does need going through still as from the looks of things quite a lot of the Distress Paints have dried up. I'm also going to stack my tubs of Distress Glitter next to where you can see my Distress Ink Pads are lower down.
The box beneath that is excess stuff that I'm either trying to sell or will be used as prizes over on the Challenge blog that I run. The first shelf as you can see is full of Punches, the lowest shelf is home to my Die Cutting machine. Inside the cupboard doors are all my Dies, an Express Big Shot and excess Embellishments that don't get used often.

Just to the side of the dresser is a bookcase holding all of my Wooden, Rubber and Clear Stamps. Heck knows how many there actually is! On top I've arranged 5 of my favourite cards that I've made.
To the right is a corner unit that my Dad made for me almost 20 years ago, it does take up a fair bit of space but I can't bear to get rid of it. I'm using it to store my Flowers, Ribbons and Embellishments that I use the most.

Moving round to the opposite side of the room is a cupboard storing non-craft things such as paperwork and my pet snake in the tank above. Don't worry if you're not a fan of snakes, you can't see her in the photograph. The bookcase (starting from the top) is holding 2 boxes of cards on the top that I've made, the top one is everyday and occasional, the lower one is Christmas cards. On the top shelf are boxes full of stamped images and coloured toppers, the next two are Design Papers and the other two are card blanks, envelopes which are followed by sheets of card.

Coming back around is the last part of the room, the desk! As you can see I've got another drawer set this time full of art supplies such as watercolours for if and when I ever get the chance to take up painting again and odd bits and bobs. 

I hope you enjoyed a little look around my Craft Room, apologies for the 10 month wait! lol
It was nice to look through all my old craft stuff though, it's definitely given me the motivation to craft a bit more!
I'l be back tomorrow with a card to share with you all.

Happy Crafting!


Janette said...

What a fabulous space for crafting, its a gorgeous room and I love the unit your dad made, the shape is gorgeous. Love your craft room Natalie, lucky you.xx

Sheila B said...

Such a fabulous space to craft. The unit your dad made is great and I love it xx

Pauline C said...

looks brilliant. I don't have a craft room and my supplies are stored in all sorts of places ... dining room, study, spare bedroom!! Would love a dedicated space like this!!
Pauline xx

Sandra H said...

I love your craft room so much space l used to have ones dam hoping too again x

Linby said...

This looks wonderful and I just love the unit your Dad made for you.