Deck The Halls!

Good Morning!
As promised I am back with some photo's of my Christmas Decorations that I put up yesterday! As usual the photo's don't really do them much justice ... specially the bedroom photo's but I have tried my best :)
Without any further delay .... here they are!

The Bedroom Christmas Tree and Display ...

The Kitchen Table ...
I'd been looking for ages for a festive tableware set and eventually found these that I LOVE from Matalan.
I also sprayed my Pinecones with Gold Paint to give them a festive touch :)

Lastly is the Living Room!

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the decorations, there are more but I didn't want to bombard you too much with photographs! lol I shall be back tomorrow with another project for J&C Creations!
Enjoy the rest of your weekends,


rachel said...

looking gorgeous Nat - really fabulous xx

Sue said...

WOW!!!! How wonderful! I love them all.


Lorraine said...

Your decorations look fabulous! I've promised my kids we will decorate and put the tree up next Saturday after the school christmas fair!
Lorraine x

Vee said...

Fab decorations Natalie, I've not put mine up yet but what a great idea to take pics of them that way I can remember next year how I did it.
xx Vee

FerrellGraph-x said...

Everything looks so merry and bright! Love those dishes too!
Kindest regards,

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