My Craft Room....

Good Morning!
Yesterday evening I was on the DoCrafts Forum on a thread showing each person's craft rooms!
So I thought I would share with you some pics of mine today.
I craft in my bedroom so you might be able to guess it's slowly taking over. ... Il be getting rid of the bed and sleeping in a corner next! haha

Of course I couldn't forget about my little crafty Helper so I have also taken a photo of her for you all :)
Okay here we go ....

This is my desk where I craft, it used to be a wardrobe but I took the doors off and fitted some shelves in!
As you can see I have my PC, Copic Markers (In the box next to the lamp), Embellishments, Ribbons, Cuttlebug, Cardstock and some Christmassy things on the top shelf in this part.

I love these shelves here, a perfect way to show my Prima Flowers and cards I have received!
(Ignore the DVD's lol)

This is my Stamp Unit I got my dad to make, It holds most of my Wooden stamps but trust me there are a lot more stamps hidden in them boxes than you can see! lol

This shelf is where I keep the things I don't really use and my ribbons that are on the rolls beneath.

Here is the rest of my Christmas things on the 2nd shelf and my everyday Papers on the top.

Lastly, Here is Millie (Although I call her her Pumpkin) It was quite hard to get this photo as she kept sticking her tongue out! lol

Please see my post below as It is my first Acetate card I made as part of DT Work for a Company.
I may be back later as Im in a crafty mood! lol xxx


Anonymous said...

love your craft room and soooo organised may have to borrow some ideas from this lol.Love Millie she looks a little mischief.Hugs from Moggilee.xxx

lisa redman said...

very organised just like me i just cant stand mess i have to be tidy and organised. what is it with dogs and sticking there tongues out my dogs do the same thing do we just have checky dogs

Kate said...

Far too much space there, you need more stuff!! What type of pooch is Millie? ** Kate **

Annette said...

Wow Natalie your so orgainsed, can you come over and do mine lol sandra x

kay said...

hi natalie,it looks fab and i love your dog,x

Anonymous said...

still love your Dad's self unit, a well organized space, good luck with your DT spots
Tilly Trotter

Traci said...

Love your organizational ideas! And Millie is a sweetheart!
She looks like my Lola - who is a Dachshund/Terrier mix. If Millie is anything like Lola, I'll bet you have your hands full with fun and mischief!
Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

That is really lovely x Pumpkin looks cute too x Leigh x