Another Nosey!

Good Afternoon!
Well even though they are a few days later than promised I am back with some more photo's of my house along with some more of the craft room that I managed to do yesterday. I finally bought some bookcases for my craft storage on Friday evening and managed to get them in yesterday. I may end up re-arranging a few bits depending on where some items work better.
I also put  my tag board above my desk but considering it fell off this morning I am having to get my Father round to re-fix it later today lol So I shall share a photo of that another day :)

Onto my bedroom and I have managed to add a few more items although it is such a pain to try photograph!

Lastly I have altered my living room even more lol Seeing we haven't got a fireplace the blank space was really irritating me so I decided on getting a picture to fill the space that keep the red and cream theme going. Also you may notice a little chest that I found which reminded me of the Tim Holtz style ... so of course I had to grab it! lol It won't be staying like that though with that lamp as I have a floor lamp on order and I am hoping to get a chair to go in that corner ... as soon as I see one I like lol So you can expect another photo of this room once that happens lol I also made the chair to the side of the sofa out of a folded up spare bed to add some extra seating and fill the gap :) I also decided to change my light shade as I 'needed' something sparkly lol

Well I hope you enjoyed another nosey around my house and I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!


tilly said...

love rooting around your house lol, looking good, is there room for him outdoors ???? lol

MagsB said...

What gorgeous colours, your house looks lovely!

love Mags B x

Sharon said...

Love your house. The red and cream are gorgeous - and what a tidy craft room. Is it always that tidy. If it is you will have to give me some tips!!!
Hugs Sharon. x

Astrid said...

You have a lovely house, all the colours are great.
Hugs Astrid

Sandra H said...

This is a lovely place Nat and your colours are gorgeous great craft space and goodies too! thank you for sharing this xx