My Other Hobby!

Good Morning!
Today I thought I would share with you some photo's of my other hobby, Gardening! After starting work at a Plant Nursery back in February I have grown more and more interested in the different varieties and types of plants. I bought myself a Greenhouse a couple of weeks ago which was needed after all the left over plants I got from work needed somewhere to go lol Here is a quick peek at what I have so far ... roll on Summer!

Before you get to the garden however I have this gorgeous Senetti at my front door which adds a great splash of colour and I planted a Clematis last week against the front porch wall but whether it is a success or not is yet to be revealed as it is next to a big chunk of ivy and in some rather questionable soil.

To start off with I added some Perennials round the edges of my garden a month or so ago and here is a look at two of the types, Delphiniums & Oriental Poppies.

I also added a Hebe in a far corner. When we moved in the main strip along one edge was full of large pebbles so we dug them all out and replaced it with top soil. Don't worry I checked that I could do what I wanted with the Landlord first!

Now here's a peek at what is inside the greenhouse, I potted the Mimosa plants up over the bank holiday seeing as they had started to flower and I was itching to put them in a pot!

Here you can see the hanging baskets that I also did over the weekend and an Azalea on the right that will be potted up into a container this week.

Some of my seedlings and not so little plug plants!

Last but not least here is a look at some Agapanthus I ordered that arrived last week, 3 different varieties. You can also see 3 of my Tomato plants that were ready to be planted into the larger tubs!

Don't worry the tub on the left isn't a tomato plant, its a tub of Mesembryanthemum's and a blue Petunia!

I hope I didn't bore you too much, I'l be back on Saturday with something crafty to share!


Wendy L said...

Not bored in the least, I love seeing what other things folks get up to. Your garden will be so beautiful when they are all flowering. xxx

tilly said...

looking healthy so far lol, I started on my hanging baskets this week,

Lorraine said...

I love my greenhouse, I'm doing tomato and peppers this year. I 've done some petunias too ready to go in a hanging basket but..... a little wren has nested in the basket so I can't use it now!
Lorraine x

rachel said...

this is wonderful to see Nat - I share your hobby of gardening too although mine has been going for a long time and craft has rather usurped its place in my heart!!! I'm definitely more of a veg girl too! Hugs Rachel x

susiestacey said...

Love all you new plants, another very addictive hobby lol, my life seems to be gardening in summer and crafting in winter/rainy days. Take care and enjoy x Susan x